Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Meriton Announces New Customers for its Agile Optical Networking

Meriton Networks announced two new customers for its Agile Optical Networking (AON) architecture: Canada's RBC Financial Group and PalmettoNet, a carrier's carrier based in the Carolinas.

RBC, which is Canada's largest bank, is using Meriton's scalable Gigabit Ethernet transport system to connect its key data centers in a regional network of leased dark fiber. RBC needed to add capacity to its existing OC-48 network. The Meriton platform scale to 320 Gbps of capacity (in half a rack) without any additional shelves. Adding wavelengths simply requires SFPs and cards. RBC's deployment includes Meriton's 7200 OSP (Optical Switching Platform) for metro WDM transport, the 3300 OSM (Optical Services Multiplexer) for metro access, the 1455 OFA (Optical Fiber Amplifiers) to extend reach up to 600 km, the 8600 NMS (Network Management System) to fully manage the end-to-end network, and the 8300 EMS (Element Management System) for field commissioning and provisioning.

PalmettoNet, which interconnects some 14 independent carriers in North and South Carolina over a fiber backbone spanning some 3,100 route miles, has extended its high-speed network with the Meriton Networks 6400 OTP (Optical Transport Platform). PalmettoNet selected the 6400 OTP to deliver a full range of point-to-point services throughout the Carolinas, including traditional SONET connectivity (DS1, DS3, OC3 through OC192) and Ethernet Solutions (1 Gig, 10 Gig and beyond). In addition to the flexibility of the 6400 OTP, which leverages Meriton's ADM-on-a-Wavelength technology, a key driver for PalmettoNet's selection of the 6400 OTP was its ability to provide reconfigurable dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) channels in a cost-effective manner.


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