Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lucent Enhances VitalSuite OSS

Lucent Technologies announced enhanced versions of its "VitalQIP" IP Address Management software and "VitalSuite" Performance Management OSS.

Lucent's VitalQIP 7.0 IP Address Management software includes a new user interface, new features that enhance IP address management business processes to reduce operating expenses, and support for IPv4 and IPv6 with new security and configuration capabilities.

Lucent's VitalSuite Performance Management 10.0 integrates three application and network management software modules that allow service provider and enterprise customers to apply a unified network management architecture across multi-vendor deployments.

It offers network operators real-time views of complex application and web services transactions, critical network resources and overall service quality compliance. It also includes new performance management features to integrate multi-level domains, additional technology support for IMS, WiMAX, and Ethernet, client-usage accounting, and service indicator group scoring for improved end user quality characterization.

In addition, Lucent also announced its first application of VitalSuite Services Management software. The software uses session analytics tools to increase services completion and associated billed revenue across voice, VoIP, content, mobile, messaging, and IMS technologies and services.


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