Thursday, May 18, 2006

KT and Axalto Launch First Wibro Card -- up to 18 Mbps Mobile Wireless Access

KT and Axalto launched the world's first commercial Wibro UICC card, which will enable subscribers to connect to the Korean wireless broadband mobile WiMax service. KT plans to rollout its WiMax service in June.

Wibro is the Korean wireless broadband version of Mobile WiMax, based on IEEE 802.16e standard. It can provide a maximum throughput of 18 Mbps and is operational in vehicles traveling at speeds of up to 120km per hour.

The KT Wibro UICC card is an EAL5+ certified platform and provides advanced security functions to prevent illegal terminal/card cloning and fraudulent use. As a card-based tool, it also offers users the freedom to choose the device from which they prefer to access Wibro services -- PDAs, notebook PCs or smart phones.

"The USIM-enabled KT UICC card will empower users to simultaneously access 3G communications service and enjoy the new Wibro experience that offers a usage speed of up to 18 Mbps," said W.P. Hong, senior executive vice president of KT.

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