Thursday, May 4, 2006

KPN Prices IPTV Service at EUR 20 per month

KPN officially launches its IPTV over ADSL service this month under the brand name "Mine" and with subscriptions costing EUR 19.95 a month.

At launch, Mine subscribers will have over 48 TV and 60 radio channels to choose from, which will be further expanded to 60 TV and 70 radio channels before the summer. Furthermore, Mine also includes "FilmDirect", a video on demand service currently offering some 300 titles, soon to be expanded to 500, for which KPN has reached agreement with parties including Warner Bros. International Television Distribution and Blockbuster Entertainment Ltd.

KPN has previously disclosed a content partnership with Endemol, , a leading TV production company.

KPN's "Mine" service includes a PVR capable of recording up to 100 hours of content.

  • In June 2005. Siemens confirmed that it had been selected by KPN as its partner for IPTV integration.

  • In March 2005, Alcatel announced a contract with KPN for the upgrade of its existing DSL infrastructure in The Netherlands to ADSL2+. This contract involves the upgrade of all current DSLAMs, which were installed and implemented by Alcatel in previous years.

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