Wednesday, May 31, 2006

JDSU Introduces Metro Ethernet Quality of Service Test Solution

JDSU introduced a test solution to ensure Metro Ethernet quality of service (QoS) across core and access networks. The solution integrates a set of interoperable field test instruments, network probes and management software to address the three primary concerns associated with installing and maintaining Metro Ethernet networks: the ability to rapidly install new connections, the need to dispatch technicians to fix rather than find problems, and the need for a reliable method to maintain networks while simultaneously reducing truck rolls.

Products in JDSU's Metro Ethernet test solution include portable testers like the MTS/T-BERD 8000 and FST-2802 Ethernet tester, as well as the NetComplete Metro Ethernet Service Assurance Solution (consisting of the rack-mountable QT-600 Ethernet IP testhead and centralized NetAnalyst Test OSS).

NetComplete for Metro Ethernet provides continuous QoS and service availability testing, monitoring and analysis; on-demand and scheduled testing; service turn-up verification; rapid fault isolation and troubleshooting; data filtering using extensive triggers and filter criteria; and multi-interface support (10/100/1000 Mbps via the QT-600).

The MTS/T-BERD 8000 and FST-2802 are portable Ethernet test sets that offer a range of capabilities, ranging from Layer 1 BERT up to Layer 3 installation and maintenance, including loopback capabilities that complement NetComplete for Metro Ethernet. Tests performed during the installation and commissioning include connectivity, throughput, frame loss, and round trip delay (latency). Verifying Ethernet services in this way ensures SLA requirements and, of equal importance, creates a baseline of performance against which the network can be subsequently measured.

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