Sunday, May 21, 2006

Intel Announces WiMAX Investments in Egypt, Holland

Intel Capital announced an investment in Orascom Telecom WiMAX Limited, a joint venture with Orascom Telecom of Egypt. Orascom Telecom WiMAX Limited will focus its efforts on working with governments and companies throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia to obtain suitable spectrum licenses for the deployment of WiMAX services.

Intel Capital also announced an investment in Worldmax, a joint venture with Enertel Holding of the Netherlands. Worldmax is targeting the deployment of WiMAX services in the Netherlands. In addition to funding and personnel, Enertel is also contributing an existing nationwide 80 MHz at 3.5 GHz spectrum license to support this new joint venture.

  • Over the past year, Intel Capital has announced investments in a number of WiMAX and wireless broadband service providers around the world including: PIPEX Wireless in the United Kingdom, DBD in Germany, Unwired Australia, Neovia in Brazil and MVSNet in Mexico. Intel Capital has also been active in supporting WiMAX infrastructure development through investments in Navini Networks, a provider of WiMAX basestations and modems, and Beceem Communications, a provider of mobile WiMAX chipsets.

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