Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Intel and NDS Collaborate on Pay-TV over WiMAX

Intel and NDS are collaborating on a trial system for delivering TV and video services over fixed WiMAX links. The system, which is based in the WiMAX IEEE 802.16-2004 standard and soon to be ratified IEEE 802.16e, is currently being shown at Intel's Wireless Competence Center (IWCC) in Kista, Sweden.

The trial demonstrates WiMAX TV services, including live TV, VOD and integrated electronic program guide (EPG) delivery to an Intel Centrino notebook over 802.16-2004 and 802.11.

The current demonstration uses fixed pre-WiMAX equipment to deliver content to the customer premises equipment (CPE) and then WiFi to send content to the notebook. The companies intend to enhance the system to support 802.16e standard in the future and to make sure that security requirements protect the interests of content providers in an aim to demonstrate pay TV services delivery over mobile WiMAX to Intel based PDA and notebook devices.

NDS VideoGuard conditional access prevents the TV channel offering from being received by subscribers who have not paid for it. The NDS platform protects content delivery by using content entitlements, authorizations and tier packaging. It also enables content purchasing scenarios (e.g. Pay-Per-View) and supports Video-On-Demand by enabling secure content purchasing, protecting content delivery sessions, and enabling content business scenarios like DRM.

Intel and NDS said they will conduct further demonstrations to service providers and the industry to show how WiMAX can offer more than broadband access with pay-TV services.

Anders Huge, Director of Intel Wireless Competence Center commented: "Demonstrating multicast TV to notebook computers articulates the way forward for mobile computing - extending the range of services offered by WiMAX to include broadband internet access, VOIP and video. Intel Centrino mobile technology based notebooks are great entertainment devices and offer consumers the ability to take their home entertainment experience on the go."http://www.intel.comhttp://www.nds.com

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