Thursday, May 18, 2006

Huawei Shows GPON Access System with Terabit Switch

At last week's Broadband World Forum Asia 2006 in Hong Kong, Huawei Technologies debuted a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) access solution with up to 1 Terabit switching capacity.

Huawei's SmartAX OFA5920 GPON solution complies with ITU-T G984.1/2/3/4 standards. The company said only a GPON system with Terabit non-blocking switching can actually deliver the full capabilities of the service, including refined service awareness, flexible service mapping, flexible QoS, and elaborate DBA (64 kbps granularity). Huawei's implementation will support voice, data, and video services at a downlink and uplink rate of up to 2.5 Gbps, and 1.25 Gbps respectively.

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