Sunday, May 14, 2006

HP Supports OSS/J and TMF Standards

The HP Integrated Service Management (ISM) platform, which is an Operational Support System (OSS) based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), is gaining new functionality from the OSS through Java initiative (OSS/J). This initiative focuses on the adoption of standards-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and design guidelines for the development of component-based OSS systems. OSS/J technologies provide the foundation for unifying legacy systems and new applications quickly and at low cost.

HP has developed an OSS/J adapter that provides a flexible, standards-based interface for HP OpenView TeMIP, which unifies and integrates multiple management domains across a full range of infrastructures including wireless, wireline, IP and IT environments.

Vodafone Germany has implemented the OSS/J adapter for HP OpenView TeMIP and three additional Vodafone subsidiaries are in the process of implementing the same solution. The Vodafone Group is considering this adapter as part of its strategy to deploy a non-proprietary, standards-based OSS infrastructure.


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