Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Global Crossing Offers VoIP On-Net Plus Service

Global Crossing announced global availability of its VoIP On-Net Plus Service -- a fully integrated, network-based voice Virtual Private Network (VPN) that enables enterprises to migrate to a fully converged IP network.

Global Crossing VoIP On-Net Plus Service is network-based and fully independent of premises-based equipment. It allows enterprises to complete calls to their office locations over Global Crossing's worldwide VoIP network, reaching more than 600 cities in 60 countries.

A distinctive feature of VoIP On-Net Plus is cross protocol routing - the ability to connect to the VoIP network either through an IP protocol or a traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) protocol. With cross protocol routing, Global Crossing's network accepts an IP or TDM call and makes any necessary translations to complete it through a customer's Virtual Private Network (VPN). Calls can be completed IP to IP, IP to TDM, TDM to IP, or TDM to TDM.

VoIP On-Net Plus provides customers full call detail records for on-net completions, and the service is fully integrated with Global Crossing VoIP Outbound, Global Crossing VoIP Local and Global Crossing VoIP Toll Free services.

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