Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Equant Transforms into Orange Business Services

France Telecom launched "Orange Business Services" as its unified portfolio of enterprise services, including Equant's international IP communication and IT services, France Telecom's enterprise communications services and Orange's existing leadership in mobile for businesses.

Orange Business Services will offer a set of integrated services including both fixed and mobile voice and data, network services, managed & IT services and outsourcing.

Some key facts on Orange Business Services.

  • a total of 29,000 people in 166 countries and territories

  • currently accounts for 12% of the global communications solutions market and 29% of the business mobile market across its European mobile footprint.

  • claims 3,750 multinational companies as customers

  • serves 400,000 businesses in France and 40,000 local public sector organisations in France

  • 1 million mobile business customers and their 8 million end users

  • serves 1,300 trading floors in 58 countries with trading desks & networks

  • connections to IP VPNs have grown by 59% between Q1 05 and Q1 06 all over the world. The company now maintains 213,000 IP VPN connections.

  • owns and manages the world's largest IP VPN, reaching 220 countries, including 14 Russian and 19 Chinese cities.

  • France Telecom / Orange have mobile operations in 21 countries

  • Orange has an agreement with US wireless operator, Cingular, to provide consolidated mobile services to multinationals

  • Orange customers can roam across 423 cellular networks in 163 countries

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