Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DSL Forum TR-122 Addresses VoIP Terminal Adaptors

The DSL Forum published Technical Report 122 (TR-122) aimed at defining common feature sets for VoIP devices. The report forms part of the DSL Forum's expanding "DSLHome" body of work.

TR-122 ("Base Requirements for Consumer-Oriented Analog Terminal
Adapter [ATA] Functionality") also addresses VoIP customer experience and enhances the technology's ease of use. It builds on the DSL Forum's earlier specifications TR-094 and TR-104 for multi-service delivery for home networks and provisioning parameters for VoIP customer premises equipment (CPE).

"Service providers worldwide are increasingly placing VoIP deployment
at the top of their value-added services agenda, and customers already have a wide range of VoIP services and devices to choose from," said Michael Brusca, chairman and president of the DSL Forum. "Industry implementation of TR-122 will assist in attaining ubiquitous VoIP services."

TR-122 and all DSL Forum TR specifications are available at the Forum's website.


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