Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Deutsche Telekom launches "Hello Future" Campaign

Deutsche Telekom is launching a "Hello Future" marketing campaign on May 22, 2006 with the goal of jump starting its corporate image in advance of new service rollouts.

"The aim of the new campaign is to enable Deutsche Telekom to assert its role of pioneer on the market. The company is to be equated with innovative strength, reliability, credibility and continuity. Customers should trust the company, feel secure and genuinely like it," said Antje Hundhausen, Head of Marketing Communication at Deutsche Telekom.

  • Earlier this month, Deutsche Telekom confirmed that it is on-track to launch its IPTV service by mid-year. VDSL upgrades have been completed at 12,000 aggregation points in ten cities. The company said it has signed agreements with a number of TV content providers. It also has suppliers on board for set-top boxes (Cisco) and software (Microsoft).

    Deutsche Telekom also confirmed that it is on-track to launch its "T-One" fixed-mobile-convergence service by mid-year. A trial with some 1,000 users will launch this month.

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