Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ciena Adds Compact Version of its CN 4200

Ciena introduced a compact version of its CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services Platform designed for deployment at enterprises and carrier locations with space restrictions.

Ciena's CN 4200 platform, with FlexiPort optical interfaces, offers individual, remotely-programmable ports that support any optical service type and can function as either client or network interface. The new CN 4200 MC, specifically, extends this value in an edge-optimized platform that network operators and large enterprises can deploy as far out as the wiring closet with full services management capabilities. It can be used in point-to-point, linear add/drop or ring topologies, ad supports Ciena's entire family of CN 4200 line cards and DWDM/CWDM channel plans. It can also sit on the same network as the standard CN 4200 with seamless management across both platforms. In addition, the compact WDM platform combines full support for ITU G.709, also known as optical transport network (OTN), with an intelligent switch architecture that enables multiple optical services to be groomed onto any wavelength.

Ciena said the CN 4200 MC significantly reduces the cost to deliver a variety of service backhaul and metro transport applications, including business services, managed wavelength services, video distribution and wireless infrastructure.

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