Monday, May 29, 2006

Broadband Services Forum Elects New Officers

The Broadband Services Forum (BSF) elected three new members to its Board of Directors and announced new appointments to BSF Officer roles.

Representatives from Alcatel, BT and Microsoft will join the existing Board (whose members represent Aliant Telecom, Juniper Networks, Nortel, Siemens and Telekom Austria) and will work together to set the course for the BSF into 2007.

The newly elected Board is composed of:

  • Helmut Leopold of Telekom Austria, Chairman

  • Phil Corman of Microsoft, Vice Chairman

  • Joe Mosher of Aliant Telecom, Treasurer

  • Jerry Passione of Juniper Networks, Secretary

  • Matthew Marnik of Nortel, VP of Marketing

  • Bob Farrell of BT, Board Member

  • Thomas Ostendorf of Siemens, Board Member

  • Ajay Pande of Alcatel, Board Member

In addition, Mary Francia of Philips was elected Marketing Committee Chair and Andrew Keevil of SupportSoft was appointed Chairman for the Business Working Group.

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