Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Boingo Releases Open Source Wi-Fi Aggregation Toolkit

Boingo Wireless, the wholesale Wi-Fi aggregator, launch an open source Wi-Fi toolkit, that enables developers to integrate Wi-Fi connection management to any Wi-Fi hot spot -- including the more than 45,000 public hot spots that are part of the Boingo Roaming System -- into small form factor devices such as dual-mode phones, VoIP handsets, mobile gaming consoles and other portable devices.

The open source Boingo Embedded Wi-Fi Toolkit is publicly available to developers who can port it to any device operating system with no license fees, as long as improvements to the core toolkit are available to the open source community. It is also available under a commercial license that eliminates the need to republish open source changes.

Boingo said service providers, OEMs, ODMs, and Wi-Fi chipset manufacturers that develop Wi-Fi equipped devices could use the source code to enable global roaming on commercial hot spot networks. Potential customers include mobile operators, MVNOs, VoIP providers and other service providers that can benefit from Wi-Fi access in public places. The toolkit has been delivered to numerous partners, including Accton, Broadcom, E28 and Kyocera Wireless.

"Providing seamless public hot spot authentication between the mobile and Wi-Fi worlds is a key element to the success of fixed-mobile convergence applications," said Sanjay Jhawar, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, BridgePort Networks.


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