Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BellSouth Strikes Deal with Samsung on Broadband-Enabled Devices

BellSouth and Samsung Telecommunications America announced a strategic agreement to market and co-brand broadband-enabled devices in consumer and business markets. The two companies will work throughout 2006 to identify opportunities in which a relationship between BellSouth's broadband platform and Samsung's innovative devices could extend broadband usage and deliver enhanced solutions to BellSouth customers.

"BellSouth and Samsung recognize that convergence is the future of our industries," said Randy Roberts, vice president - consumer devices & wireless, BellSouth. "We are excited about the potential to leverage the brand strength of both companies to provide our customers with simple, seamlessly-integrated products."

"Our vision is to enable a digital home in which a customer can share photos and music, download and watch video, play games online, or talk to their friends and family -- from whatever device they choose at any location in their home," continued Roberts.


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