Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bell Canada Selects Nominum/Sun for Next-Gen DNS

Bell Canada has selected a joint Sun-Nominum solution to build a next generation, scalable and resilient Domain Name System (DNS). The joint solution uses the Nominum Foundation Caching Name Server for DNS on Sun Fire x64 servers powered by AMD Opteron processors.

Nominum CNS includes advanced security features to help prevent cache-poisoning attacks and is ready to support cryptographically-signed zones as the adoption of DNS Security Extension (DNSSEC) progresses.

"Broadband Internet providers rely on Nominum DNS servers to meet the demands of a growing number of subscribers, add resiliency and to deliver real time applications," said Tom Tovar, vice president of worldwide sales and business development at Nominum.


Telephony Is On the Line -- Can the Telephone Directory join the Internet
numbers are an entrenched standard that are unlikely to disappear anytime
soon. VoIP services need to be able to exist in a world with phone numbers
and devices designed to work with only those numbers. To deliver on the
promise of convergence, communications between IP-based devices must be
able to travel solely over IP networks, without traversing multiple
protocol conversions ( e.g., IP-to-PSTN gateways). For this to happen in
the telephony world, however, we need to be able to direct calls using
phone numbers to the appropriate VoIP servers or session border
controllers, without using the PSTN. Essentially, we need to link phone
numbers to IP addresses. Here is how ENUM is connecting VoIP islands.

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