Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bay Microsystems Debuts 40G Network Processor

Bay Microsystems introduced the first 40 Gbps programmable network processor based on its "MTM" (Multimedia Traffic Management) technology. The new "Chesapeake" network processor is targeted at a new generation of broadband infrastructure equipment ranging from high density over-subscribed 1GE/10GE Metro Ethernet boxes to high reliability systems up to 40G and above.

The device features 125 Gbps of raw processing power and is capable of 122 million packet-per-second sustained performance.

Bay Microsystems said metro Ethernet solutions designed with Chesapeake are being implemented at price points as low as $40 per GE port and less than $400 per 10GE port. Bay is supporting design starts and accepting sample orders now. Bay also provides a complete hardware and software tool suite facilitating Chesapeake- based network equipment designs.

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