Monday, May 29, 2006

Avaya Supplies Converged Network for 2006 FIFA World Cup

Avaya, the Official Convergence Communication provider for the FIFA World Cup 2006, has supplied the largest converged communication network ever built for a sporting event.

The Avaya network for FIFA connects 12 host stadia, the media centers in all stadia and FIFA headquarters in Berlin. The network is expected to handle an estimated 45,000 network connections and 30,000 network devices, delivering more than 15 terabytes of data.

Eight other companies in the Avaya DeveloperConnection program also played a critical role in the FIFA World Cup 2006 network:

  • Aimetis Corp. is providing intelligent video software for the network that will be linked to 80 security cameras at strategic locations across the World Cup venue. The software uses artificial intelligence, can review up to eight hours of video in just 30 minutes and automatically alert World Cup security personnel of unusual activity.

  • Juniper Networks is supplying firewalls that provide access control and user authentication and that protect the network and its critical applications from intrusion or attack.

  • Citrix Systems will deliver smartphone applications to each fixed and mobile IP phone on the FIFA network. An Express Directory expedites dialing by placing a consolidated directory of 100,000 personnel from multiple organizations at the fingertips of each user. In addition, Citrix enables FIFA to push score updates and other Web-based information to IP screenphones.

  • Polycom extends the collaborative capabilities of the FIFA network with group video devices that use the converged network to connect FIFA offices in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. The devices which interoperate with Avaya desktop video systems distributed throughout the World Cup venue that also incorporate Polycom technology, will be used by FIFA for daily operations meetings during the tournament.

  • MTS is supplying call reporting software that collects, analyzes and tracks voice and data usage from multiple communication sources -- from legacy and IP phone systems to IP gateway devices, cell phones and calling cards. Detailed call reports can be accessed by FIFA from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Avaya plans to use MTS software to summarize the daily traffic carried by the FIFA network for posting every day.

  • Extreme Networks is providing the core backbone switches for the network that carry voice and data traffic and are optimized for Avaya IP telephony. Extreme has integrated its network management and Quality of Service tools with Avaya to simplify network administration. In addition, Avaya test agents built into each Extreme Networks switch enable an Avaya Converged Network Analyzer to test, measure and monitor network traffic.

  • Firetide wireless HotPoint Mesh Networks are extending the reach of the converged Avaya network for FIFA and can provide voice and data connectivity in areas where it is impossible or impractical to run cables.

  • MultiTech Systems is providing a MultiVOIP gateway that allows FIFA to route fax communications over its converged voice and network and eliminate interoffice long distance toll charges among World Cup venues.

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