Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AT&T Offers Hosting for Online Gaming Companies

AT&T has launched a practice with a dedicated team of labs and operations engineers partnered with hosting sales specialists devoted specifically to its online gaming customers, including Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) and its massively multiplayer online gaming titles, including "EverQuest", "EverQuest II" and "PlanetSide".

The service leverages AT&T's global Internet Data Centers (IDCs) to deliver their game content efficiently through AT&T's Global IP Backbone. In addition, AT&T has a 24/7 dedicated Gaming Core Team that provides "white-glove" customer service to its online gaming clients -- a critical component of its online gaming practice. AT&T's Gaming Core Team acts as a single point of contact and provides near real-time information, which is vital for the online gaming business; making the gamer's experience the best it can be.

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