Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Algeria Telecom Selects Alcatel DSL

Algeria Telecom, the incumbent operator in Algeria, selected Alcatel to extend its DSL network by some 130,000 lines in the third quarter of 2006. Alcatel will also assist Algeria Telecom in its future network extension projects which target the deployment of an additional 170,000 lines. Specifically, Alcatel will its 7302 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM), to address the demand for high-speed Internet access services and open up possibilities for broadband applications like IPTV, the 5523 ADSL work station for element management and the 5530 Network Analyzer, Alcatel's DSL network diagnosis and analysis tool. Alcatel's solution also includes its Optical Multi-Service Node (OMSN) systems for broadband aggregation.

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