Monday, May 29, 2006

Airgo and Caton Offer Wireless Set-Top Box

Airgo Networks and Caton Overseas Ltd., a Chinese supplier of DVB and IPTV set-top boxes, have collaborated to offer a wireless set-top box for distributing video streams throughout the home.

Caton's V2O Wireless Home Media Network STB, which leverages STMicroelectronics' MPEG decoder platform, is a media hub that delivers multiple independent digital channels and personal video recording (PVR) content throughout the consumer's home in a wireless fashion. It also serves as centralized storage for consumer media files. The wireless component uses Airgo's True MIMO Media Gen3 technology optimized for multimedia distribution, enabling wireless connectivity from the base unit to as many as three client set-top boxes streaming MPEG2 streams.

Caton will be releasing its V2O Wireless Home Media Network in two phases, the first of which will begin shipping to customers for satellite digital TV operators in the next few months. In early 2007, Caton will release the V2O Wireless Home Media Network for cable and IPTV installations.

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