Wednesday, April 19, 2006

WildPackets Integrates Telchemy's VQmon VoIP Performance Analysis

WildPackets has integrated Telchemy's VQmon/SA into its OmniAnalysis
Platform to provide VoIP analysis and call quality monitoring. This enables media stream analysis and problem diagnosis of VoIP for enterprise customers.

WildPacket's OmniAnalysis Platform can provide visibility into multiple areas in a network from a centralized console - including Gigabit, 10/100, 802.11 wireless, VoIP and WAN links to remote offices.

Telchemy's VQmon technology can be used to detect, monitor and resolve call quality and network related problems for networked multi-media services, including Voice and Video over IP, IP Centrex, 3G Cellular, Voice over WLAN and streaming audio/video. VQmon provides subjective quality MOS scores, and detailed diagnostic information,
giving network managers both high level metrics and the ability to drill
down to identify specific problems.