Sunday, April 23, 2006

Verimatrix Updates Content Authority System

Verimatrix introduced the second generation of its Content Authority System (VCAS, which protects against theft of paid content.

Theft of service prevention from Verimatrix is a proactive, multifaceted approach to eliminate revenue loss due to service piracy, such as cloned set-top boxes (STB) and attacks on the software downloading platform.

"The advances in VCAS 2.0 represent a breakthrough in smart card-less content security solutions," said Bob Kulakowski, CTO, Verimatrix. Highlights of VCAS 2.0 include:

  • VideoMark is a robust and invisible content tracking solution that enables forensic, user-specific marking of individual video copies to track piracy to the individual STB. Every STB contains an individual user identification, which is linked to that consumer via a unique digital certificate. Because piracy can be traced back to the source, and not just the network operator, content owners are ensured a higher protection level than other distribution methods, such as DVDs and VHS tapes.

  • SimulCAS provides a single content security system for both Digital Video Broadcasting-Cable (DVB-C) and IPTV by supporting the simultaneous transmission of channels in both analog and digital formats.

  • Quantum Authentication detects 100 percent perfect clones of real STBs where clones are exact in every way. Regular data sent to the Verimatrix server reveals operational differences between real STBs and cloned STBs, such as watching different channels or asking for keys at different times.

  • Federated Authentication ensures the STB is connected to the correct physical line at the subscriber's house or apartment. On a daily basis, VCAS sweeps the network to detect cloned STBs where the credentials have been cloned, but the physical connection between the DSLAM and STB can never be duplicated.

  • DVB Simulcrypt Support provides the network operator the option to act as a content or broadcast aggregator by reselling or redistributing a single IPTV video feed to other IP video service providers. Service providers can send a single secure video feed to numerous video service providers or telcos resulting in a single video feed resold by multiple operators.

  • ADAPT copy protection sits with the STB to prevent digital video from being recorded and distributed as analog onto a VHS tape. It distorts the video making it unwatchable when the tape is replayed.

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