Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Tellabs Enhances Digital Cross-connect for Wireless Backhaul

Tellabs has expanded the wireless transport capabilities of its 5500 digital cross-connect with features for wireless backhaul, integration of voice-quality enhancement and DS-0 grooming.

Tellabs estimates 40% to 50% savings in backhaul transmission bandwidth through elimination of idle transmissions and packetization of cell site traffic. As part of its "IntegratedMobile" solution, the
Tellabs 5500 system will enable migration from TDM and ATM to an all IP network. The addition of integrated voice-quality enhancement (iVQE) and DS-0 grooming (iDS-0) into the Tellabs 5500 system, eliminates the need for separate VQE and 1/0 grooming equipment.


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