Sunday, April 2, 2006

SkyPilot Surpasses 200th Customer and 10,000 Unit Milestones

SkyPilot Networks has reached a number of significant milestones, including the shipment of its 10,000th unit and securing its 200th customer. The company, which now has deployments in 40 countries, said demand for broadband wireless mesh backhaul networks is being driven by a combination of service providers, municipalities and public safety agencies.

Broadband Wireless Economics through Synchronous Mesh Networking
networking provides a completely new way of looking at wireless networking
economics. Mesh networks can address the two major areas of cost for
traditional point-to-multipoint topologies. First, mesh networks can use

Wireless backhaul to
minimize the expense of leased facilities and eliminate trenching. Second,
mesh base stations are a fraction of the cost of macro-cell base stations,
which makes extending coverage out to suburban and rural areas incremental
and profitable.

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