Sunday, April 9, 2006

Shenick Enhances IPTV Test Software

Shenick Network Systems, added significant IPTV and triple play enhancements to its "diversifEye" Version 3.0 software, which provides granularity required to test overall performance and quality of service (QoS), coupled with the ability to drill down to individual IPTV, VoIP and Internet users.

Shenick said its diversifEye handles the complete cycle of broadband customer access scenarios from obtaining an IP address via DHCP to establishing PPP tunnels through emulation of real user application traffic flows of multiple IPTV, VoIP, VoD and data applications such as Web, P2P and email. Shenick will also support real-time (or passive) IPTV video quality analysis on a per IPTV channel basis coupled with active video analysis against a known reference video stream. This enables IPTV service providers to assess video quality on an aggregate or per viewer basis by employing industry standard perceptual quality scoring based on the ITU J.144 standard with IP based video extensions such as V-Factor and PEVQ (perceptual evaluation of video quality).

Shenick has also SIP-based call generation and a security attack module that provides testing for DDoS (Denial of Service), Virus, Worm and Spam attacks.

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