Sunday, April 23, 2006

SeaChange Introduces New MediaLibrary 6000

SeaChange International introduced its new MediaLibrary 6000 -- a transmission storage system providing a low-cost entry point for small and mid-sized broadcasters and other content producers. With IP network capability, like the Broadcast MediaLibrary 24000e, the ML 6000 provides centralized, online access to every video/audio file, helping to streamline on-air operations.

The ML 6000 scales incrementally from 730 gigabytes to as high as 12 terabytes. SeaChange's MediaCluster 'single-copy' technology provides fault-resilience without mirroring.

The ML 6000 also provides guaranteed I/O bandwidth via specialized IP accelerator Gigabit Ethernet ports. It can scale up to nine nodes, providing incremental increases in bandwidth and storage.

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