Sunday, April 9, 2006

Scientific Atlanta Unveils OCAP Set-tops

Scientific Atlanta, which is now part of Cisco Systems, unveiled a line of set-tops supporting the introduction of CableLabs OpenCable Applications Platform (OCAP) and the FCC mandate for separate security.

Key features of Scientific Atlanta's Next Generation Network Architectures (NGNA) set-top line include:

  • Designed for OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) - offering faster processing power, increased memory, and Linux. Complementing the set-top line is Scientific Atlanta's OCAP platform, which includes the company's OCAP Digital Network Control System Release 4.0 series and the OCAP Axiom middleware product, now testing in multiple customer labs.

  • Separable Security - the new line of set-tops require the use of a Multi-Stream CableCARD to provide the conditional access portion of the cable operator's system security. The Multi-Stream CableCARD provides the needed separable security in order to comply with the FCC's July 1, 2007, separable security mandate. In addition, Scientific Atlanta is using this new line of set-tops as a development platform for the upcoming alternative separable security solution known as DCAS (Downloadable Conditional Access System).

  • Advanced DOCSIS Set-Top Gateway (ADSG) - The new line of set-tops will support CableLabs ADSG specification for transporting set-top box command and control information over DOCSIS. The built-in DOCSIS 2.0 modem, in addition to ADSG support, will also provide a path for IP video services to be delivered to subscribers.

  • Support for H.264

Additionally, Scientific Atlanta is also introducing its Explorer 940 Compact Digital Only Interactive Set-Top, which is a compact, cost- efficient digital only set-top designed for "enhanced basic" service or support an introductory digital video service tier to drive conversion of basic or expanded basic subscribers. The Explorer 940 Set-Top can also help operators expand the number of additional cable outlets in the home, as well as increase pay-per-view and on-demand transactions.

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