Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Orb Networks Offers Internet Radio and Podcasts from PCs to Mobile Phones

Orb Networks, a developer of software for providing access to digital content, announced support for playing and recording Internet radio and for enjoying podcasts from any mobile device with a streaming Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, 3GP player, or Macromedia Flash Player on any carrier network and Wi-Fi.

The free Orb software enables the user to play and record Internet radio and enjoy podcasts from the native Web browser and streaming media player of their mobile phones and PDAs. The Orb software on a user's always-connected Windows XP PC acts as the user's personal "mycast" server, serving up content streams in the media format and bitrate appropriate to the user's mobile device.

"The whole point of Orb is to empower our users to instantly 'mycast' all their favorite content to themselves wherever they are," said Ian McCarthy, Vice President of Product Marketing for Orb Networks."

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