Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Nortel Enhances IMS Portfolio with Wireless Mobility Gateway

Nortel has enhanced its IMS portfolio with a new Wireless Mobility Gateway 6000 (WMG 6000) that is designed to allow service providers to bridge 3G wireless networks and WLAN networks.

A key component of Nortel's IMS Converged Mobility solution, the WMG 6000 would make it simpler for service providers to offer personalized multimedia services to virtually any device across any network - wireless, wireline or cable. The platform provides presence and advanced telephony features such as caller ID, call waiting, call hold, click to call, call screening and routing, SMS and IM interworking. It is compliant to the emerging IMS Voice Call Continuity (VCC) standards.

Nortel's IMS Converged Mobility solution utilizes the WMG 6000 and the AS 5200 multimedia application server, both running on Nortel's IMS-compliant core. It leverages third party clients, increasing the range of supported devices and speeding the adoption of the solution.

Nortel's initial release of its IMS Converged Mobility product enhancements are expected to be available in the second half of 2006.

Nortel's IMS solution is access-aware and supports 3GPP (IMS), 3GPP2 (MMD), Packet Cable 2.0 and TISPAN standards.

Nortel also noted that its IMS solution is one of the most open implementations in the market as evidenced by the collaboration with many developers, partners and applications providers in its seven SIP Interoperability labs, six IMS Live Experience Centers and two Joint Customer Innovation Centers, one being with Bell Canada. In addition, Nortel is enhancing its IMS solution through work with IBM in the IBM Telecommunications Solutions Lab (TSL) in Montpellier, France.

Nortel recently completed IMS SIP interoperability with Broadsoft . The IMS tests with Broadsoft featured lab to lab testing using Broadsoft's VoIP application software and Nortel's IMS Core. In addition, through its recently established joint venture with LG Electronics, Nortel demonstrated live SIP Video Calling between a 3G UMTS mobile and a Nortel-LG SIP Video Phone to demonstrate the technology's ability to enhance revenue growth for wireless and wireline carriers.

Nortel also is working with Intel to bring IMS benefits to end users. Intel is a key supplier for Nortel's ATCA-compliant Versatile Service Engine (VSE) which is the hardware platform for Nortel's Call Session Control and Home Subscriber Server functions in the IMS architecture. VSE is designed to utilize Intel packet-processing blades for security as well as Intel NetStructure ATCA single board computers, which incorporate multi-core processor technology and have been shown to provide up to 2.8 times the performance over current processors.

"In the same way the telephone changed how people communicated over distance and the Internet ushered in a new era of information exchange, IMS is expected to take networked communications to a new level of simplicity for users and provide greater profit potential for service providers," said Alan Stoddard, general manager, Carrier Multimedia Networks, Nortel. "IMS will enable intuitive networks that are subscriber-centric and access-aware; it is expected to put the power of the network in the hands of the subscriber and integrate multiple applications into a single, personalized experience. It is designed to allow users to move more seamlessly and securely between various networks with ease."