Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Network Processing Forum Merges with Optical Internetworking Forum

The Network Processing Forum (NPF) will merge its activities with those of The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF).

The mission of the OIF is to accelerate the deployment of interoperable, cost-effective and robust optical networks and their associated technologies.

The Network Processing Forum's mission to accelerate the adoption of network processing technologies through the development and implementation of network processing standards and benchmarks. By establishing standard interfaces and benchmarks, the NPF helps semiconductor manufacturers, software developers, services companies and system OEM's lower development costs, shorten design cycles, reduce product time-to-market while increasing time-in-market.

The merged group will retain the OIF name.

"A combined group will cast a wider net for participation in the creation and adoption of Implementation Agreements," said Chuck Sannipoli of IP Infusion and chairman of the NPF. "The synergy amongst component and system vendors and network providers will be much stronger as a result."http://www.oiforum.com

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