Sunday, April 2, 2006

Movielink Launches Download-to-Own Service for Major Motion Pictures

Movielink launched a new "download-to-own" service, enabling consumers to buy movie downloads online in addition to renting them for 24 hours. Movielink has deals with the major Hollywood studios, including MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal and Warner Bros.

The downloaded films can be viewed on up to three PCs, transferred to a DVD (in Windows Media format) for backup, and streamed around the home via home networking.

The new Movielink service breaks ground in that it will carry major film titles on the same day they are released for DVD distribution.

Pricing starts at $8.99 to purchase a film. Major titles, such as King Kong, are priced at $19.99 and up.

Movielink has divided its Web site into two "stores," with a common home page. The two storefronts function just as the Movielink original "Rental Store" operated, but the license to view a movie obtained from the "Purchase Store" allows for unlimited viewing

  • Movielink is a joint venture of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Studios.

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