Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Motorola "MeshConnex" Supports 802.11s Standard

Motorola confirmed that its "MeshConnex" technology will add support the final IEEE 802.11s meshing standard via an over-the-air software download. The 802.11s standard was created to define common features and ensure interoperability between mesh equipment vendors.

MeshConnex is Motorola's high performance, mesh networking technology implementation and powers a wide variety of the company's products, including its Mesh Enabled Architecture and MOTOMESH multi-radio broadband systems. MOTOMESH networks support both unlicensed WiFi and licensed 4.9GHz public safety access in the same wireless network, and has been the solution of choice for more than a dozen municipalities since its launch in January 2005. The MeshConnex software engine is also being incorporated into other Motorola products aimed at addressing new and existing mesh networking applications.

Motorola has been an active contributor to the 802.11s mesh standard and is currently represented on the chair of the IEEE's ESS Mesh Networking Task Group (IEEE 802.11 TGs); the group responsible for the development of the draft 802.11s mesh networking standard. Motorola also serves on other key IEEE Standards Association committees, including the Standards Board of the IEEE-SA and IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group, and is expanding its standards work beyond traditional air interface standards to drive Seamless Mobility in areas such as user interaction, applications and manageability.



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