Sunday, April 2, 2006

Mobile Surpasses Fixed Lines in U.S. Market, UNEs Drop

As of June 2005, there were approximately 144.1 million ILEC switched access lines, 34.1 million CLEC switched access lines, and 191.3 million mobile telephony lines in service in the U.S., according to the latest data released by the FCC. Some other highlights of the report:

  • Of the 34.1 million CLEC end-user switched access lines, 4.6 million lines were provided over coaxial cable connections. The 4.6 million lines represent about 50% of the 9.1 million end-user switched access lines that CLECs reported providing over their own local loop facilities.

  • Mobile telephony service providers reported 191.3 million subscribers at the end of June 2005, which is 10 million more than six months earlier. About 6% of these subscribers were billed by mobile telephony service resellers.

  • At least one CLEC was serving customers in 83% of the nation's Zip Codes at the end of June 2005. About 98% of United States households resided in those Zip Codes. Moreover, multiple carriers reported providing local telephone service in the major population centers of the country.

  • The 34.1 million lines reported by CLECs is about 19.1% of the 178.2 million total end-user switched access lines reported for the end of June 2005.

  • CLECs reported 16.7 million (or 14%) of the 117.2 million lines that served residential end users and 17.4 million (or 29%) of the 61.0 million lines that served business, institutional, and government customers.

  • CLECs reported providing about 27% of their end-user switched access lines over their own local loop facilities, about 56% by using unbundled network elements (UNEs) that they leased from other carriers, and about 17% through resale arrangements with unaffiliated carriers.

  • ILECs reported providing about 12% fewer UNE loops with switching (referred to as the UNE-Platform) to unaffiliated carriers at the end of June 2005 than they reported six months earlier (14.6 million compared to 16.5 million) and about 2% more UNE loops without switching (4.3 million compared to 4.2 million).

  • ILECs were the presubscribed interstate long distance carrier for about 49% of the switched access lines they provided to end users. For CLECs, the percentage was 74%.

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