Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lucent to Market Telefónica's IPTV middleware

Lucent Technologies will assume responsibility for the future development and deployment of Telefónica's "Imagenio" IPTV middleware platform, including the ongoing introduction of new features and capabilities.

Under an agreement reached with Telefonica, Lucent will also market the platform to the broader, global service provider community. In support of this effort, Lucent will establish IPTV research and development centers -- linked to Bell Labs -- in the Spanish cities of Madrid and Huesca (Aragon), as well as in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo for Latin American markets. In addition, Lucent Worldwide Services, the company's services arm, will serve as the prime network integrator for Telefónica's end- to-end, multivendor IPTV solution, initially in markets including Brazil, Chile, the Czech Republic and Spain. The project will be extended to include additional countries in the future.

Telefónica's "Imagenio" IPTV middleware platform -- originally developed in-house by Telefonica -- currently powers its IPTV service in Spain, providing all-digital, DVD-quality delivery of TV and audio content. Lucent will help expand and enhance the Imagenio middleware, developing and testing new features, including new IP Multimedia TV services that leverage the strengths of IMS. IP Multimedia TV services "blend" traditional TV and video capabilities with telephony and Web features to create interactive applications such as Web browsing, video conferencing and personal, portable TV services that can be delivered to subscribers anytime, anywhere. Lucent also will integrate the middleware platform into its portfolio and market the platform to service providers worldwide.

Telefónica's "Imagenio" IPTV is currently supporting 250,000 customers.

http://www.lucent.comhttp://www.telefonica.esLucent supplies its Stinger DSL broadband access concentrator to Telefónica.

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