Tuesday, April 18, 2006

KT Deploys Meriton Agile Interconnect Between Optical Rings

Meriton Networks announced a major win to supply its Agile Optical Networking solution for KT's next generation I-WDM (Intelligent WDM) network. Financial terms were not disclosed. The announcement follows other high-profile deployments in BT's 21CN initiative and a California network linking Equinix's Internet Exchanges, among others.

Deployed in the I-WDM network are the Meriton 7200 OSP (Optical Switching Platform) and the 8600 NMS (Network Management System), which by simplifying and automating the complex provisioning of optical services, is allowing KT to provision new services rapidly.

The first phase of the multi-node metro network is being deployed in Anyang, where the equipment is being used to interconnect multiple 2.5 Gbps rings. Key capabilities include wavelength switching, wavelength translation, the option of CWDM and DWDM, and dynamic service provisioning. Future deployments will target other metro areas and 10 Gbps rings.

Foundations for Video Transport Networks
impact of IPTV and other broadband multimedia services on service
provider backbones will be enormous. Driven by changes in consumer
viewing practices, even the very nature of the traffic will change over
time. Service providers should deploy optical wavelength networking deep
into the access network, and only undertake service layer processing
when it adds value.

Interview with Mike Pascoe, President and CEO

  • Overview of Meriton Networks
  • The Mahi Acquisition
  • Agile Optical Networking (AON)
  • Meriton's partnerships
  • Optical networking market share
  • Next generation networks
  • BT's 21CN and the Fujitsu partnership


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