Monday, April 17, 2006

JDSU Intros Centralized IP Video Service Monitoring System

JDSU introduced its Digital and IP Video Service Monitoring System with capability of simultaneously monitoring more than two hundred and fifty video streams. The system is designed to test access coverage at all points in the network relevant to delivering video service. It also monitors a range of interfaces and streams, including GigE, ASI, QAM, QPSK, 8VSB and COFDM.

The Digital and IP Video Service Monitoring System leverages the MPEG test capabilities found in JDSU's DTS-330 and DTS-200 digital video protocol analyzers. The system is comprised of the new QT-1100 Digital Video Service Monitor, the Digital Video Service Monitoring Server and Digital Video Service Monitoring Probes.

Its centralized monitoring with remote testhead maintenance capabilities, coupled with DTS-330 and 200, perform 24X7 digital services monitoring and testing that examines and troubleshoots all transport streams carried inside a digital broadcast network. Once the remotely deployed QT-1100 test head detects a service problem, a fault alarm is generated and forwarded to the centralized monitoring software system. When the fault is verified, an operator can maintain a steady flow of operation by using either the DTS-330 or DTS-200 to perform in-depth analysis and troubleshooting to help resolve the problem.

JDSU will show its portfolio of digital and IP video test solutions at the upcoming NAB 2006, April 24 -30 in Las Vegas.

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