Sunday, April 9, 2006

Global Crossing Expands European Network and VoIP Services

Global Crossing activated additional IP gateways in Austria, Belgium, Germany and Spain, and new points of presence (PoPs) in Rome, Italy and Moscow, Russia. The addition of Rome complements Global Crossing's existing point of presence in Milan and Turin. Global Crossing further expanded its IP services on the existing footprint with the opening of IP PoPs in Brussels, Madrid, Munich and Vienna. Initially, IP Transit and dedicated Internet access services will be available, with the addition of IP VPN expected later in the year. The Madrid and Vienna PoPs are both located in the main data centers in the cities, run by InterXion.

Global Crossing also introduced Enterprise VoIP Outbound and VoIP Local Services to countries across Europe, complementing its existing Enterprise VoIP service availability in North America.

The VoIP Outbound Service transports IP voice traffic across Global Crossing's private VoIP platform for off net TDM completion via the local PSTN. This service is now available for both national and international calling from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, and the USA, and for international calling from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. National calling will be introduced to these countries in phases as part of the continuing VoIP development program.

The VoIP Local Service offers the ability to originate traffic on the public switched telephone network in different countries using geographic and non-geographic numbers. The traffic is then converted to VoIP on Global Crossing's network for delivery to the customer's IP network via an IP interconnect. This service eliminates TDM, private line and foreign exchange service fees by providing a single IP connection alternative. Direct Inward Dial numbers can be provided from Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, UK and the USA.

Global Crossing has also entered into a channel partner agreement with Britannic Technologies to provide them with enterprise VoIP and IP VPN services in Europe. Britannic Technologies is a UK-based systems integration company specializing in providing customers with IP communications and applications development.

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