Thursday, April 27, 2006

France Telecom Reaches 8.1 million ADSL customers in Europe

As of 31-March-2006, France Telecom was serving 8.1 million ADSL customers in Europe, representing an increase of 10% since 31-Dec-2005. This includes 4.9 million ADSL customers in France, representing a consumer ADSL market share of 49.8% in France.

The number of ADSL TV subscribers reached 229,000 at quarter's end, up from 102,000 a year earlier.

France Telecom also reached 1.2 million VoIP customers in France, up by 377,000 for the quarter.

The number of LiveBox gateways marketed in Europe surged to 2.4 million (2.1 million in France), up from 489,000 a year earlier.

Revenues for consumer services in France were down 1.0% due to a decline in the price of phone calls primarily to mobile phones.

The total number of France Telecom Group customers reached 147 million, up 16.8% year over year (+8.5% on a comparable basis).

CAPEX in Q1 was EUR 1.390 billion, up 12% from the previous year on a comparable basis.

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