Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Envivio Debuts MPEG-4 Part 11 Middleware on Sigma STBs

Envivio is showcasing MPEG-4 middleware running on a Sigma Designs based H.264 consumer set-top box. The Envivio IPTV Triple Play solution delivers standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) IP video, video on demand (VOD) and middleware with an electronic program guide (EPG) -- all within an MPEG-4 environment.

In the demonstrated solution, SD and HD IP video is encoded by Envivio 4Caster B3 and HD3 systems. Content for VOD services is delivered via the Envivio 4Sight streaming server. The Envivio EPG is created using the interactive components defined in MPEG-4. enables advanced features including PVR, an integrated telephony portal and trick play.

IP video content and the EPG are delivered to the consumer set-top box as MPEG-4 streams and managed by the Envivio 4Front middleware server.

Envivio's 4Front middleware supports MPEG-4 Part 11 for the delivery of synchronized applications and messages to enable advanced services such as SMS texting, betting and voting.

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