Tuesday, April 18, 2006

EarthLink Selects Level 3 for Consumer VoIP

EarthLink selected Level 3 to serve as the underlying provider for its VoIP initiative. Specifically, Level 3 VoIP Enhanced Local service will provide nationwide local voice service to EarthLink as part of a bundled voice and broadband Internet package that includes features such as caller ID, voicemail and 3-way calling bundled with multiple speeds of DSL Internet access. This supports EarthLink's local, long distance and international voice traffic, providing voice origination, voice termination, directory listings, and caller ID. The service also enables EarthLink to connect its customers to the public switched telephone network when they make calls to traditional telephones or mobile devices. Included in the service is Level 3's award-winning E-911 Direct service, which provides industry-leading nationwide coverage for enhanced 911 service.

The deal expands an existing relationship under which Level 3 provides its VoIP Enhanced Local service including local telephone numbers that EarthLink can assign to its voice customers.