Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DSL Forum TR-101 Enables Migration to Ethernet-based Networks

The DSL Forum published a new Technical Report 101 (TR-101) that enables service providers to evolve their DSL access networks to better support faster rate technologies such as ADSL2plus and VDSL2. In parallel, it specifies the architecture to coordinate service rate management and multicast capability in an Ethernet network without affecting existing services that are currently offered.

The DSL Forum said that by leveraging TR-101, service providers can develop a multi-service end-to-end architecture to support offerings of new secure value-added consumer and business services such as IPTV.

Building on the already approved DSL Forum reports TR-058, TR-059 and TR-092, this newly approved report extends the QoS capabilities of TR-059, with capabilities defined for the Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) and Access Nodes such as DSLAMs that have Ethernet switching and other networking capabilities. It defines the application of Layer 2 virtual private networks (L2VPNs) and multicast replication at the various nodes as well as its operations, administration and management (OAM).

"This latest DSL Forum Technical Report is a significant strategic development that will empower the continued roll out of broadband services to the mass market, over a range of access technologies. The industry's adoption of TR-101 will expedite consumer availability of higher speed services that depend on enhanced internet access products that support high bit rate quality services such as IPTV," said Michael Brusca, chairman and president of the DSL Forum.