Sunday, April 16, 2006

DiVitas Develops Enterprise FMC Platform

DiVitas Networks, a start-up based in Mountain View, California, is developing an enterprise-class fixed-mobile-convergence (FMC) platform that would enable seamless roaming between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The platform is being designed to work with in any corporate WLAN environment, with any PBX, and over any type of fixed, mobile, or wireless network. A light, client application would run on the dual-mode handset.

DiVitas said thekey mission for its forthcoming platform is to provide the cost advantages of seamlessly bridging cellular calls over to lower cost WLANs while enabling enterprises to retain control of this process. This would include the ability to monitor media quality in order to specify when and how handoffs should occur, and the ability to implement advanced security. Security capabilities include application-layer authentication, authorization and access control, session-layer end-to-end encryption, packet filtering and bandwidth policing, network-layer STUN, NAT/Firewall Traversal and automatic pre-authentication.

The platform is currently in beta testing. Full product details have not yet been disclosed. DiVitas has conducted interoperability testing with Trapeze Networks' WLAN Mobility System to enable enterprise campus mobility with fixed mobile convergence. DiVitas has also entered into a relationship with G-Tek Electronics Group, which supplies a dual-mode SIP Wi-Fi handset that integrates GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi modules.

DiVitas was founded by president and CEO Vivek Khuller and CTO Venkat Kalkunte. Khuller was previously a venture partner at Clearstone Venture Partners, entrepreneur in residence at Matrix Partners, and an executive at Sycamore Networks and Verizon. Kalkunte formerly worked at Cisco, and was founding engineer of Transmedia Communications, which Cisco purchased in 1999. He also worked at Alteon, Stratacom, and other technology companies.

  • DiVitas has raised $8 million from Clearstone Venture Partners (investors in Meru, SiNett, and Good), venture debt and private investors.

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