Sunday, April 9, 2006

CopperCom Acquires Switchmaxx for Web Port App

CopperCom, a supplier of softswitches, has acquired Switchmaxx, a division of Phonetics LC, for an undisclosed sum. Switchmaxx offers a Unified Self-Care Web portal that incorporates applications such as Web-enabled voice mail, unified messaging, single-number service, parental controls, etc. Significantly, Switchmaxx software provides telcos with a single interface for managing services on both their legacy TDM and next-generation switches, such as the CopperCom CSX.

"This strategic investment furthers CopperCom's commitment to enable our customers to advance their business models with cash-generating capabilities and solid customer retention," said Mike Myers, CEO, CopperCom. "The Switchmaxx solution maps well to the CopperCom CSX in that it is able to very successfully bridge legacy switch platforms with next-generation switch platforms and new IP-based solutions."http://www.coppercom.com

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