Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cingular, Siemens and Georgia Tech Offer Cash Prizes for IMS Applications

Cingular Wireless, Siemens Communications and the Georgia Institute of Technology launched a program to encourage the creation of IMS applications. The initial project for the relationship is an IMS Research Competition, which challenges upperclassmen and graduate students in the schools of engineering, computing and business management to team together to create services blending audio, video, text messaging, chat and gaming in the open-systems IMS architecture. Qualified students who participate in the year-long competition will be eligible to receive a portion of $100,000 in cash prizes -- $35,000 of which will be awarded to the grand-prize winner.

The program includes developing an IMS laboratory at Georgia Tech, co-sponsored by the Georgia Electronic Design Center and the Office of Information Technology, for use by students and researchers.


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