Sunday, April 23, 2006

Broadcom Ships 802.11n Wi-Fi Chipsets

Broadcom began shipping its "Intensi-fi" wireless LAN chipsets to several top manufacturers of wireless networking gear. Broadcom's Intensi-fi chipsets are compliant with the draft-802.11n specification, offering real world throughput of greater than 180 Mbps.

Broadcom said its Intensi-fi products are not only interoperable with a wide variety of 802.11a/b/g and draft-802.11n devices, but feature unique enhancements that can improve the performance of legacy Wi-Fi products. The Intensi-fi routers employ a "good neighbor" mode that ensures optimal performance in mixed networks when using the optional 40 MHz transmission mode -- dynamically managing the use of 40 MHz channels and reverting back to 20 MHz channels when traffic is high or legacy clients need to communicate.

The Broadcom chipset includes a draft-802.11n media access controller (MAC)/baseband chip (BCM4321) and a finely-tuned, dual-band radio chip (BCM2055) that can be configured for a variety of high-speed wireless applications. Broadcom also offers a high-performance network processor that provides advanced routing and bridging capabilities for router and gateway designs.


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