Sunday, April 2, 2006

Axerra Positions Pseudo-Wires for Wireless Backhaul

Axerra Networks announced the availability of a full-service
Pseudo-Wire backhaul solution positioned as an alternative to TDM access for mobile wireless operators, including those providing CDMA and EV-DO as well as GSM and UMTS services.

The Axerra AXN Pseudo-Wire solution combines circuit emulation, Frame Relay/HDLC/PPP, and Ethernet Pseudo-Wires in a single platform that has both n x T1 and Ethernet connections at the BTS to enable backhaul of every generation of wireless service, including CDMA plus 1RTT plus 1xEV-DO, and even CDMA 2000 or 4G, all over a single packet RAN. The solution also uniquely incorporates ATM with IMA, enabling GSM plus GPRS plus UMTS. Axerra said the resulting unified, high-capacity RAN reduces OpEx while enhancing the user experience for high-speed data services.

Axerra's AXN Pseudo-Wire Gateways and Access Devices are currently installed and carrying revenue-generating traffic for operators on four continents.

Pseudo-Wires for Mobile Wireless Backhaul over Carrier Ethernet
continued evolution of mobile wireless services is toward technologies
that are intrinsically packet-oriented, such as HSDPA and HSUPA, and
indicative that packet access networks, rather than TDM-based T1s and E1s,
are the logical transport for backhaul in the RAN. A number of new
technologies that are cost-effective and provide flexible, high-capacity
backhaul transport are emerging as the frontrunners for next-generation
packet access networks. These new technologies include Carrier Ethernet
(also known as Metro Ethernet or Optical Ethernet), xDSL, cable HFC, EPON/GPON,
and broadband packet radio (including WiMAX. Pseudo-Wire solutions not
only enables mobile wireless operators to use new packet access networks,
it also gives operators a choice among multiple packet network
technologies in the RAN, including Carrier Ethernet, xDSL, cable HFC, and
even broadband packet radio.)

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