Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Atrica Announces Outdoor Carrier Ethernet Edge Switch

Atrica introduced an environmentally-hardened Outdoor Carrier Ethernet Edge Switch that enables cable operators and telecom service providers to extend their points of presence (POPs) virtually to anywhere. The new switch, which is designed to be strand-mounted or pole-mounted, could be used for wireless backhaul, FTTH, FTTC and FTTB access network applications.

The new A-2160 supports Atrica's carrier Ethernet feature set, including granular QoS (CIR, EIR and priority with 64Kbps and 1Mbps granularity) and sub-50ms protection. It supports input power compatible with cable TV power (40-90VAC pseudo-square wave) and feautres dual redundant AC/DC power supplies that can be replaced in the field. It supports pluggable SFP or SSF transceivers, offering 2 ports on the network-side and 8-ports for customer connectivity. OAM functions include fast and pinpoint fault detection, alarm-service correlation, Ethernet loop-backs, and round-trip delay, jitter and packet loss measurement.

Atrica said the new platform is gaining traction with major cable operators, who will use it to extend their networks for business Ethernet services. In particular, the platform was developed with Cox Communications.


  • Atrica has a reseller agreement with Fujitsu Network Communications.

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